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About Us

Welcome parents and testers! 


Healthy assessment is essential. That’s the fuel that drives our motto: Healthy Assessment Strengthens Families. We understand the need for healthy assessment when it comes to personal growth, and we want to provide families around the world the opportunity to test, assess, and strengthen their children in the classroom and throughout life.

Homeschool Testing Services has served tens of thousands of customers over the past decade by distributing and administering nationally-normed, standardized tests for homeschool families with students in grades K-12. We started with the Stanford-10 Achievement Test, first as a paper-and-pencil test and now also as an online test. Online testing opportunities are offered for students who prefer not to test at a physical location, or who can’t get to an on-site test.

In Spring 2016, we began administering a second test, the print-only Comprehensive Testing Program published by Education Records Bureau. We are the first organization to provide the CTP for homeschool students after it being long-recognized as a rigorous assessment in private schools. 

We are always making changes to bring our families options, and for 2018 we are excited to offer a way to test at home through the Stanford-10 Achievement Test! This is the same nationally-recognized test used in the On-site testing we offer. As a norm-referenced test, the Stanford-10 not only offers the home educator information on their student’s achievement, it also provides comparisons based on nationwide test results.