About At-Home Testing

This test may be perfect for you if you…

  • Do want to proctor.
  • Do not have B.A.
  • Want to take up to two (2) weeks to test.
  • Want an untimed test.
  • Need to meet state standards
  • Want to test in the comfort of your home.
  • Prefer your child take a test on paper rather than online.

As a test aligned to national standards, the Stanford-10 not only offers the home educator information about their student's achievement, but also provides comparisons based on nationwide test results.

If you would like to learn more about the updated 2018 norms please go to the Stanford-10 publisher's site by clicking HERE.

The Stanford-10 National Achievement Test at home is offered for students K through 3rd. As a norm-referenced test, the Stanford-10 not only offers the home educator information on their student’s achievement, it also provides comparisons based on nationwide test results. Its history and academic excellence have earned its acceptance as a nationally normed achievement test and meets most states’ testing requirements. 


The parent does not have to have the B.A. to administer the At-Home test. You will not need a 4-year degree to proctor this test for your child. However, if you do not have a 4-year degree, you will not be able to use the test results for entering your child in public/private school, unless the school states otherwise. It is the parent's responsibility to keep up with their own state laws or individual school needs. Please make sure you have done your research if you are using the results for anything other than an assessment.


Testing schedule. If you have a desired testing date, please order your test two (2) weeks before you plan to test. We suggest you stay within a two (2) week window for testing for your student. However, if you need to test longer you may extend the timeframe. Please note that to receive the results for the current year the tests must be submitted and scanned within the year the test was purchased.

Ordering the correct testing grade for your student. Order the grade level that your child is currently in or completing. The results should be based on what your child is learning or has learned, not what they are going to learn. EXAMPLE: If your child is currently in 1st grade, you would order a 1st grade test and not a 2nd grade test.


All orders will be shipped within 10 business days of placing an order. The packages are shipped USPS Priority (1-3 business days) within the U.S.


Tips During Testing: Non - physical things to bring: a good attitude, positive self-talk, a good night sleep, and hearty breakfast in the stomach.

Physical things to have: Pencil, Ruler, Lunch/Snack, and Water A ruler with centimeters and inches and two #2 pencils. Calculator apps or calculators on phones or electronic devices should NOT be used.



RETURNING ALL TESTING MATERIALS IS REQUIRED, WITH EXCEPTION OF THE WELCOME LETTER. Allow 9-12 business days for your test to be received to the warehouse. If you desire to expediate the shipping process you may pay for the expediated shipping service.

Please ship all testing materials to:

Homeschool Testing Services

255 Air Tool Drive

Southern Pines, NC 28387


Results: Once the testing materials are received back to Homeschool Testing Services they are checked to ensure we have received the entire order and sorted into grades to be scanned. From the time they are scanned to them being stored on your account (on homeschooltestingservices.com), we ask for your patience. This process may take from 1-2 weeks after we receive the testing materials back.

Finding your results: The results will be stored on your Homeschool Testing Services account. To access your account, go to the main page click the man-icon to access your account.

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