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Testing Coordinator Job Description

Job brief

We are looking for Testing Coordinators to supervise, track and evaluate day-to-day activities during the testing season, months March-July. Testing Coordinator responsibilities include using the tools developed by Homeschool Testing Services and implementing a successful testing event. Testing Coordinators maintain the management of their testing event from beginning to end.


Testing Coordinator Responsibilities Include:

  • Preparation, management and overseeing the daily operations of the testing event:
  • Establishing the testing event and enforcing proper testing methods, policies and principles established by Homeschool Testing Services.
  • Find enough proctors to help with testing event, a suggested example below
      • K – 3rd grades = 1 proctor per 10 students
      • 4th – 7th grades = 1 proctor per grade
      • 8th – 12th grades = 1 proctor per room
      • You may proctor as the Testing Coordinator
      • Please note: Proctors are NOT paid by Homeschool Testing Services.
  • Event location, date, time and an idea of proctors must be done FIRST.
  • Monitor testing event throughout testing to ensure that all requirements are made and enforce proper testing methods, policies and principles
      • Find suitable, safe, comfortable testing event. Children need to be able to test in environments that are:
      • Quiet
      • Nondisruptive
      • of a comfortable climate
      • of a suitable time of testing
      • Safe
      • Encouraging

If we find that your testing event has not met these requirements we may request that the following year will not be held there.


  • Distribute testing waiver, gathered for every child under the age of 18, include in return package to HTS.
  • Must go through all required testing training given by Homeschool Testing Services.
  • Monitoring and overseeing communication to customer (parent); typically, on a small-scale need.


Testing Coordinators must be organized, administrative, able to problem-solve, and work well with others and must have good communication skills to inform families of their expectations.

  • Proven working experience as Teacher, Teacher Assistant or Event Coordinator working with children.
  • Must have a four-year college degree (B.S. or B.A.) in any discipline.


  • Must fulfill one of the following training obligations:
    • Current certification as a teacher in any state and experience in administering standardized achievement tests; or
    • At least one full year’s experience as a classroom teacher in a traditional school setting (should include experience administering standardized tests); or
    • Completion of training video which will be provided by Homeschool Testing Services.

If you are administering a test in Florida you must have a teaching certification.

Payment and Incentives:

Homeschool Testing Services does not pay for: Proctors, event location fees, liability insurance, security guards.

Homeschool Testing Services pays for Testing Coordinators only.

$10 per total test up to quantity 49. Once you reach 50 tests you will receive $11 per total test up to quantity 99. Once you reach 100 tests you will receive $12 per total test.

Please see example below if there is any confusion:

Quantity: 49 = $490     Quantity: 50 = $550     Quantity: 99 = $1,089     Quantity: 100 = $1,200


In order to receive payment Homeschool Testing Services’ accounting team will request personal information, including SSN, for Direct Deposit via secure forms.