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Coordinators and Proctors

Are you thinking about becoming a Testing Coordinator or Proctor?

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We rely on each Testing Coordinator to organize a location for two days of testing, recruit proctors for each testing level offered, and advertise the location, date, and time to their local homeschool community. We are looking for personable, organized, and responsible individuals to fill the Testing Coordinator position.

Being a Testing Coordinator can be a very rewarding job. You will offer the homeschool community and even some non-homeschool individuals an outlet for testing they may not otherwise have access to. This is great way to start up a hobby in the educational field. 

We are looking for personable, organized, and responsible Testing Coordinators to supervise, track and evaluate day-to-day activities during the testing season, months March-July. Testing Coordinator responsibilities include using the tools developed by Homeschool Testing Services and implementing a successful testing event. Testing Coordinators maintain the management of their testing event from beginning to end.


Testing Coordinator Responsibilities Include: Preparation, management and overseeing the daily operations of a testing event.

As a contracted employee, establishing the testing event and enforcing proper testing methods, policies and principles established by Homeschool Testing Services is required.

Event location, date, time and an idea of proctors is an important first step for considering a Testing Coordinator position. 

  • Locations to consider: churches, schools, community centers, libraries, local coop locations, etc. Typically, testing is done over 2 half days.
  • Find enough proctors to help with testing event, a suggested example below
K – 3rd grades = 1 proctor per grade
4th – 7th grades = 1 proctor per grade
8th – 12th grades = 1 proctor per room
    • Monitor testing event throughout testing to ensure that all requirements are made and enforce proper testing methods, policies and principles.
    • Proctors must also have a 4 year degree.
    Find suitable, safe, comfortable testing event. Children need to be able to test in environments that are:
    of a comfortable climate
    of a suitable time of testing
    If we find that your testing event has not met these requirements we may request that the following year will not be held there.
      • Distribute testing waiver, gathered for every child under the age of 18 that is not accompanied by a parent or guardian.
      • Must go through any required testing training given by Homeschool Testing Services.
      • Monitoring and overseeing communication to customer (parent); typically, on a small-scale need.



      Testing Coordinators must be organized, administrative, able to problem-solve, and work well with others and must have good communication skills to inform families of their expectations.

      • Proven working experience in the field of education and/or event coordinator working with children. A home school parent or substitute teacher is a great example of a potential Testing Coordinator. 
      • Must have a four-year college degree (B.S. or B.A.) in any discipline.
        • Let’s talk about the Bachelor’s degree. You will need to send us a digital copy (picture) of your Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.



      Must fulfill one of the following training obligations:

          • Current certification as a teacher in any state and experience in administering standardized achievement tests; OR
          • At least one full year’s experience as a classroom teacher in a traditional school setting (should include experience administering standardized tests); OR
          • Completion of training video which will be provided by Homeschool Testing Services.
        *If you are administering a test in Florida you must have a teaching certification.


        In advance,

        begin talking to churches, school, community centers, libraries, local coop locations, etc to determine if they’d be open to having you for two ½ days. Set it up so you’re ready to go with the facility.



        What dates will you test? And times? 
        Talk with the facility about two back to back ½ days that the facility will be available between Mid April and Mid June. Generally from 9am-1pm works for both tests.


        What test will you offer?
        We offer two test types. Stanford 10 and CTP.  Here’s a short recording discussing the differences between the two so you can make an educated decision.


        What grade levels will you choose?
        Is testing required in your state? If so, do you want to offer all the grade levels?  3rd – 10th only? Or anything in between? The decision is entirely up to you. Though there is a learning curve the first year, being a TC is not difficult. Once you have all this information above then you may go to the coordinator application and fill it out to its entirety. 
        How much time does it take to server as a Testing Coordinator?
        The time commitment of a Test Coordinator depends on how difficult it is to secure the facility and proctors in your area, and how much time you would like to spend on promotions and advertising. Coordinators are on site throughout testing, and spend time organizing testing materials beforehand as well as compiling materials after testing for submission back to HTS.

        Payment and Incentives:

        Homeschool Testing Services does not pay for: Proctors, event location fees, liability insurance, security guards.
        Homeschool Testing Services pays for Testing Coordinators only.


        Advertise your event!

        $10 per total test up to quantity 49. Once you reach 50 tests you will receive $11 per total test up to quantity 99. Once you reach 100 tests you will receive $12 per total test.
        Please see example below if there is any confusion:
        Quantity: 49 = $490     Quantity: 50 = $550     Quantity: 99 = $1,089     Quantity: 100 = $1,200
        In order to receive payment Homeschool Testing Services’ accounting team will request personal information, including SSN, for Direct Deposit via secure forms.


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