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CTP Online Comprehensive Assessment

  • The CTP is a rigorous assessment for high achieving students.
  • Nationally Normed 2018 standardized achievement test. 
  • Independently Normed on a revolving 3 years average.  

Timed Test: CTP is automatically timed online.

Grades: 3rd-10th Grade

Test Online at home on your own computer or Chromebook.  

  • Test up to 2 students per session.
  • Each student needs their own computer or Chromebook equipped with Zoom, a camera, and a microphone.
  • An adult must remain at home while the student is testing to troubleshoot any computer problems.

Test @ Home

  • Each student needs a quiet space to test for up to 5 hours - 2 test days.
  • Adequate internet connection is needed, ethernet cable preferred.

Proctored Online

  • No degree required by the parent or guardian.
  • Professionally proctored online.


CTP Online is an Adaptive Test

As the student works to complete the test the questions get easier or harder depending on how the student does on the 1st half of each subtest.

CTP contains Depth of Knowledge Questions

Each question has been classified according to its cognitive ability and classified in one of three levels of depth.  A test question could:

  • Ask the student to recall simple facts. 
  • Require the student to make decisions about a problem.
  • Ask a student to analyze information about a question.

CTP has 2 Reasoning Subtests

Reasoning: problem solving and abstract concepts.

  • Verbal Reasoning: The ability to analyze information and draw logical inferences, to recognize analogical verbal relationships, and to generalize verbal categorical attributes.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: The ability to analyze mathematical concepts and principles, to generalize, and to compare quantities mathematically.


CTP has 6 Achievement Subtests

Achievement: application of learning.

  • Vocabulary: Recognition and understanding of a wide range of grade-appropriate vocabulary and use of context clues to determine meaning. (4th-10th Grade Only)
  • Reading Comprehension: Comprehension of written material, including recall of information, identifying of main ideas, and hypothesizing using information from passages.
  • Writing Mechanics: Understanding of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and usage conventions.
  • Writing Concepts and Skills: Understanding of the components of effective written composition.
  • Mathematics: Conceptual understanding of mathematics, application of mathematical knowledge to solve problems, and the ability to compute or estimate solutions.
  • Science: Understanding scientific process skills, energy, forces and motion, space systems, physical and chemical properties, the living environment and the living organism.
  • Auditory Comprehension: Pre-reading vocabulary and comprehension of orally presented material, understanding of stated information, the ability to determine the gist of short passages, and the ability to infer information based on these passages. (3rd Grade Only)
  • Algebra I*: Skills typically taught in Algebra I with emphasis on problem-solving and operations with variables, equations, and algebraic geometry. (7th-9th Grade Only) *Additional Fee


Test Schedule (click here)


CTP Online Steps

Step 1: Run the Systems Check on your computer

Step 2: Download the ERB Secure Browser

Step 3: Register for Testing

Step 4: Watch: Parent Orientation Video

Step 5: Setup Testing Space

Step 6: Student takes the Mandatory Test Tutorial


Print 1 Student Log for Each Student Testing:

3rd Grade Student Log 

4th-6th Grade Student Log 

7th - 10th Grade Student Log 


Additional Resources:

Demonstration Tests


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