Proctor Resource Kit

Proctors are a vital part of the Homeschool Testing Services team. They are the people that administer the test directly to the students.

Before proceeding with the application process, please talk with your local Test Coordinator about your local testing event. You can find a list of our testing events by visiting the Find a Test Location page. The event listing will provide the name and email address of the test coordinator you will need to contact.

Proctor Required Qualifications:

  • Four year degree at an accredited college or university
  • Must have experience or complete a free Homeschool Testing Service Training session. The training will cover items such as test security, basic standardized testing parameters, and administration
  • Must work well with children
  • Proctors are interviewed by local test coordinator
  • Please fill out Proctor application and upload your college diploma or copy of college transcript

Proctor Responsibilities:

  • Administer tests to grade level assigned by Test Coordinator for 2–3 days according to the event schedule
  • Monitor students while test taking is occurring
  • Keep order in classroom and follow the directions and schedule provided to you by the Test Coordinator
  • Please take time to review all documents in your Proctor Training Kit for specific administering information
  • Report any concerns to coordinator
  • Maintain test security. Do not allow parents or other students to view the testing material

You will work closely with the coordinator to set up the testing rooms and organize the testing material for the event. You will be provided with a detailed script that explains everything you need to direct the individual tests. Your coordinator is there to help you with any questions you may have.

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