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Homeschool Testing Services offers Results Counseling

AVAILABLE NOW, please read through the information below and register at the bottom of this page.

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Does reading your child’s test results feel like reading Greek?  Ever have the feeling that you do not understand your child’s test results correctly?  Wish you could talk to someone who understands the results and Homeschooling? Maybe someone that could walk you through the process?  
Then Results Counseling may be for you!
With Homeschool Testing Services’ Results Counseling, you can have peace of mind, a plan for the next year, and confidence in your schooling journey.  One of our test professionals will walk you through every step of your student’s test result and answer all the questions you have. 

If your student took the CTP 5 we will also send you on your way with an additional report to aid you in your planning and preparation for next year. 


An in-depth look at your student’s results with a testing professional. Learn how to use the tools given to assess your student’s achievements in an educated way. Walk away with a bonus report that gives you more information with specific information.  

Peace of mind: our minds think good or bad and grades A through F, the CTP and Stanford-10 results cannot be interpreted the same way as other tests. 
Future planning: understanding results allow for planning the next school year. The counseling service is a time saver with a pinpointed way of exactly what you want to know. Do you want to see which subjects your student is best at? Or the subjects they need to work on? Do you want to see exactly which questions your student got incorrect? 
Questions? Ask away! This is a time to get your questions answered by a testing professional.  


" I really appreciated the HTS professional, Jennifer Cummins, who walked us through our test results. It helped so much to know which kinds of questions my kids were struggling with. It also helped to understand what the numbers actually meant. The numbers can seem pretty daunting and pretty bad when you initially look at them. Once you fully understand what they mean it is such an encouraging experience in our homeschooling journey. Jennifer was kind and knowledgeable and fully understanding of any homeschool angst I might have been experiencing. I would highly recommend this service."

- Tammy


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HOW WILL THE SESSION WORK: You will receive a zoom invite for your time slot. Please have your student’s report(s) handy for notes and any questions you may have available 15 minutes before session time. 
DATES OFFERED: June - July *All times are EST time.
SESSION LENGTH: 1 hour per session, if you have more than 1 student you would like report counseling for please let us know ahead of time.
CUSTOMER PREPARATION: We suggest pre-printing each year of your student's reports to follow along with the counselor and make any notes you would like. Please have any questions or concerns ahead of time.
COST: $50 per hour (more than 1 student report can be given in that hour)

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Report walk-through with any questions you may have answered.

You will be given an additional result report and also be able to see incorrect answers.

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Report walk-through with any questions you may have answered.

Seeing incorrect answers is not available with the Stanford-10 online.