Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs can encompass a large variety of test takers. Many students are required by their individual institution or state requirement to regularly test. For some students with significant disabilities testing can be a stressful experience. State standardized tests can cause higher stress and even in some situations cause set backs. 

Homeschool Testing Services understands this and we are consistently trying to learn more and create an experience that allows all testers to complete testing in the most stress-free way possible.

We suggest that any students with special needs take our Stanford-10 online testing experience. The Stanford-10 online is an untimed test. If you anticipate your student needing a longer testing time, start early to ensure they are able to participate in the test the way it was designed, as well as to ease stress and pressure. 

With online testing your student is able to test in a comfortable environment they are familiar with. Environment is a big deal with a special needs student and you, as the parent or teacher, have the ability to set that up in the most ideal way possible.