Utilizing Results


A student's regular performance throughout the year is likely more valid than a single test score. Testing is only a snapshot of a student's skills, abilities, and knowledge. It is also affected by anxiety, fatigue, and disposition. Most importantly, it does not measure many of the best predictors of success, such as effort, tenacity, emotional intelligence, and creativity.


What is a Lexile Measure? And How can you use your student’s Lexile Measure to improve their reading skills?

The Lexile Framework for Reading matches your student’s reading ability to many types of reading text.  This allows you to connect your student to books that are targeted at their reading level each year. More than 100 million books, websites, and articles have been matched with a Lexile reading measure.

Your student’s Lexile Measure can be obtained from one of 3 ways we test at Homeschool Testing Services: the CTP Online Assessment, the Stanford 10 Online Assessment, or Stanford 10 At-Home Assessment.




What is a Quantile Measure? And How can you use your student’s Quantile Measure to improve their math skills?

The Quantile Framework for Mathematics matches your student’s mathematical ability to the demand of the instructional material.  This allows you to connect your student to mathematical resources at their learning level. Using the Quantile Framework for Mathematics you can identify gaps in your student’s mathematical learning, and quantiles.com has resources to help you fill those gaps.

Your student’s Quantile Measure can be obtained from Homeschool Testing Services on the CTP Online Assessment.