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This test may be perfect for you if you…

  • Want a professionally proctored test
  • Want a test that shows you if your student is performing up to their full potential with Depth of Knowledge Questions
  • Want to build your student’s test taking skills with the fast-growing laptop-based format
  • Need to meet state standards
  • Want the quickest way to receive results
  • Want to test in the comfort of your home
  • Do not mind your student being on Zoom
  • Want comprehensive feedback on your student’s strengths and areas where they may be falling behind their peers
  • Want the peace of mind of knowing that there will be a proctor to walk you and your student through each step of the process
  • Want a Results Counselor (additional fee applies) to walk you through your student's results with you AND provide you with an extra report at that appointment. Results Counseling – Homeschool Testing Services


      The CTP is a rigorous, Nationally Normed achievement test, which was Nationally Normed in 2018 and Independently Normed on a revolving 3 years average.  This means you receive comprehensive feedback on your student's academic progress as well as the National Public School system comparison.



      Homeschool Testing Services CTP Online Testing Step 1


      The unique ID number must be used to log into the online test. This ID can be found in a detailed email confirmation you will receive within three (3) days after completing your online registration.

      Homeschool Testing Services CTP Online Testing Step 2


      1. Set up your computer at least 24 hours before the Mandatory Student Orientation by following our easy step by step how to video.
      1. You will also need to download Zoom onto your desktop by going to https://zoom.us/download and selecting “Zoom Client for Meetings”. Follow the same steps from the how to video for pinning Zoom onto your desktop. Your student will be REQUIRED to have their camera on to participate in this test.

      Homeschool Testing Services CTP Online Testing Step 3


      The purpose for the mandatory orientation is to familiarize students with the testing platform, reduce pre-test anxiety, and minimize preventable navigation and technical issues on test day.

      An email with the Zoom link will be sent out by 10:30 AM EDT on your Orientation date.

        • Orientation will be the Monday immediately before unless it's a holiday and then it will be on the Wednesday your student’s test date
        • Time: 2:30-3:30 PM EDT for Tuesday/Wednesday Testing events and 3:30-4:30 PM EDT for Thursday/Friday Testing events
        • Length: 60 minutes

          If you do not live in the Eastern time zone, it is suggested that you change the times on the Student Log to reflect the time zone you live in. Please reference  
          Time Difference Calculator (timeanddate.com) for assistance with changing time zones.

      Requirements: At least 24 hours before orientation the ERB Browser and Zoom must be downloaded to your computer. The email will also include a short orientation video for parents and the session numbers for the practice test.

      Homeschool Testing Services CTP Online Testing Step 4


      1. Ensure your student has successfully completed the Mandatory Student Orientation.
      2. Read through the Parent Packet
      3. Print and update Student Log
      4. An email will be sent out by 10:30 AM EDT on your Testing Day with Session Numbers, Zoom link, and final instructions.
          • Log in to Zoom at 11 AM EDT. You will be required to have your camera on during the test.
          • Testing Start Time: 11:15 AM EDT 
          • Testing Day Schedule:
      Homeschool Testing Services CTP Online Testing Schedule



      Non - physical things to bring: A good attitude, positive self-talk, a good night sleep.

      Physical things to have: Computer with webcam, Zoom, and ERB Secure Browser downloaded onto it for each test taker, Headphones (3rd Grade only), Scrap Paper, Healthy high protein breakfast, Lunch/Snack, and a Water Bottle.

      **A four-function calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) is allowed for students in 9th-10th Grade taking the CTP Mathematics Part 2 subtest only. Calculator apps or calculators on phones or electronic devices may NOT be used.

      Homeschool Testing Services CTP Online Testing Step 5


      You will receive an automated email approximately within 1 week to let you know your student test results are ready. Your results will remain confidential and secure on your Homeschool Testing Services account.

        Homeschool Testing Services offers Results Counseling for 2022!

        Does reading your child’s test results feel like reading Greek?  Ever have the feeling that you do not understand your child’s test results correctly?  Wish you could talk to someone who understands the results and Homeschooling? Maybe someone that could walk you through the process?  
        Then Results Counseling may be for you!
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        About the CTP Online

        ERB (Educational Records Bureau) is a not-for-profit organization providing admission and achievement assessment as well as instructional services for PreK – Grade 12. For almost 90 years, and with over 2,000 member schools and districts around the world, ERB continues to be a trusted source to inform admission decisions and/or to support curriculum and instruction.

        Collaborating with both independent and public schools around the world to build communities, guide instruction, and put assessment insights into action, ERB is dedicated to supporting student learning.

        Questions? Please email info@homeschooltestingservices.com